Punch Campus Detva is located in Detva, Central Slovakia.

The site is easily accessible thanks to existing highways:

  • From Bratislava, 220 km.
  • From Nitra, 80 km.
  • From Banská Bystrica, Zvolen – 30 km.

Detva, located in the gorgeous Podpolanie Region, is a town housing over 14,000 people. It has a long tradition in mechanical engineering and construction.

It is also rich in culture and has gathered national and international recognition thanks to its yearly folklore festival.

By mid 2019, we build up over 25.000 sqm of production and office space.

In a first phase, Punch Campus Detva will consist of two production halls built for ZF and Punch Precision. The total planned surface will be over 50.000 sqm.

In addition, a central administrative office building will be constructed, housing catering and business park services.

500 sqm office space available for rent!

By mid 2019, Punch Campus Detva will consist of two production halls built for ZF and Punch Precision in the dimensions of 25,000 sqm and 22,000sqm.

Over 50.000 sqm expansion possibilities available.

We plan extension of the business park in a second phase, starting from 2021 onwards.

A total free surface of 50,000 sqm is available for new business opportunities. 

Key figures on local labour market

Population 806,810
Workforce 417,907
Employed 178,203
Employed in industrial production 43,039
Unemployment rate  7,18%
No. of job seekers (total) 29,995
Unqualified labour 5,982
Qualified labour 5,149
Labour with secondary education 20,926
Labour with university education 2,941
Population 32,418
Workforce 17,242
Unemployment rate 6,63%
No. of job seekers (total) 1,143
Students Graduates in 2017
Secondary schools
All vocational education 19,786 4,662
Automotive, mechanical engineering, electronics 3,815 873
Facuty of environmental and manufacturing technologies 210 67